Beyond the Gates of Antares: Counting down to Interface Wars Part 2

I finished painting my Ghar Exile force ready for the Interface Wars event on 29th March with plenty of time to spare:

Since I still have plenty of time before the event, I even managed to get in a practice game using the full 1250pt force against an Isorian player who will also be at the event:

It is nice to get the chance to play with larger units like the Ghar Command Crawler, but edging towards 1250pts does take much longer than the 500-750pt games I am used to playing – probably closer to 2.5hrs including set-up and teardown rather than the usual 1.5hrs for smaller games. I would like to try out a much larger ‘apocalypse’ scale game in future, but it looks like that would probably have to be a home event organised at a weekend rather than a snatched club game after work.

I haven’t worked out exactly how many points of Ghar I have painted now, but I think I probably have something in the region of 2,000pts:

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