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Dark Mechanicum Part 9 – London Heresy 2017

The London Heresy consisted of a two day / 5 game narrative Horus Heresy event run alongside the London Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament. My final list in the end consisted of my Dark Mechanicum/House Atrax themed Questoris Knight’s list. I … Continue reading

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Dark Mechanicum Part 8 – Counting Down to London Heresy

So close to the finish now – just the last few transfers, some weathering and a matt varnish:

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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Count Down: Touching up my Blight Bringer Plague Marines

The drip feed of a pending release of 8th Edition WH40k and prospect of a new Nurgle Chaos Marine release has got me excited enough to dust of and touch up some old favourites: The Blight Bringer Warband.

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