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Mantic’s Deadzone v2 – quick review

I have enjoyed playing the first edition of Mantic’s Deadzone and was a kickstarter backer. The follow-up Deadzone Infestation kickstarter was originally billed as opportunity to consolidate the ruleset which had become increasingly sprawling from the expansions, add to the … Continue reading

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Hobby mash-ups

So many miniatures and games, but so little time – the conundrum of all gaming hobbyists to deal with in their own way. I recently purchased a copy of Warlord Games’ Beyond the Gates of Antares sci-fi rules due to … Continue reading

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Deadzone Chovar Psychic

One of the more fun things about Deadzone from a hobby POV is that there are a number of mercenary characters which are quite varied and flavourful.  While the major factions are all quite humanoid looking, there are a few … Continue reading

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My 2015 Year in the hobby review

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Deadzone/Warpath Enforcer progress update

Now have a basic Enforcer army painted to tabletop standard.  Still curious as to how Warpath Firefight will shape up compared with the mass battle version, but these should be plenty for now!

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Deadzone/Warpath Forge Fathers progress update 2 – Forge Guard

On to some hard plastic Forge Father Forge Guard now the first batch of restic Forge Father Brokkers are done:

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Deadzone/Warpath Forge Fathers progress

With the Mantic Warpath closing and the Deadzone Infestation/’Redux’ hopefully shipping early next year, I have been motivated to dig out my remaining unpainted figures for Deadzone to get them to a basic tabletop standard.

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The End Is In Sight: Deadzone Wave 3 Progress

I got my final Deadzone Kickstarter shipment for Wave 3 in January: 20 Enforcers Troopers, 20 Enforcer Peacekeepers and 20 Forge Father Forge Guard – all in hard plastic.

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Deadzone Contagion Survivor Campaign Scenario 2 – We Can’t Stay Here

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Continuing to have fun with the Plague Zombie ‘Artificial Stupidity’ rules for solo play. The Rebs did exceptionally well in this scenario with the Teraton, Grogan and Yndij all proving to be highly effective for different reasons. This seemed much … Continue reading

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Painting Deadzone/Warpath Asterian Cyphers

They were terrible to clean-up & assemble, but I have really enjoyed making a start on painting my Asterian Cyphers & Black Talon (purple in my case). I’m hoping that with the Deadzone 2 Kickstarter that Mantic have some hard … Continue reading

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