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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Kar’A Nine Starter Set

My interest in Beyond the Gates of Antares was originally peaked by a podcast interview by the D6 Generation back in Dec 2015 with Rick Priestley. Back then Rick had the idea of trying to Kickstarter a company, which ultimately … Continue reading

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Investigation @ The Chapel

While I have failed to do any significant painting this week, I did manage to find the time to drop in and meet-up with Mark, the hobby savant responsible for Unfortunately a combination of work & family commitments conspired … Continue reading

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Frostgrave @ HATE

HATE Club are starting a new campaign for Frostgrave next month, so I decide to get one of the more experienced players at the club to walk me through an intro game last night. I originally picked up a copy … Continue reading

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*Final* batch of Plague Marines: Multi-part kit

I already had a legacy Plague Marine marine army dating back to 2014 which was a mix of FW resin bit supplemented by GW plastics and judicious sprinkling of 3rd party resin bits. When Dark Imperium came out, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Primaris Marine Fight Club / 40k Zone Mortalis narrative night @ HATE

Early in October a number of teasers started to be posted on the HATE Club’s Facebook group for an unspecified 40k event with the only requirement being that you need to paint-up and bring along a single Primaris Space Marine. … Continue reading

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