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Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 4: The Covenant of the Octet Pantheon

β€˜The Prophet Ghore preaches the revelations of the Word of Blessed Lorgar to the illiterate and dispossessed. We of the Covenant believe in the sacred Octet: the Four Eternal Primordial Powers and their Four Scions that will come to be … Continue reading

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Salute 2016 Round-up

Salute 2016 I thoroughly enjoyed Salute this year. Below are some random snaps I took as I wandered around and thoughts:

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Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 3: Malachi Ghore

My growing Horus Heresy Warp Cult army is in need of a name and a Force Commander. I wanted to make a suitably distinctive looking figure and to set them apart from the great unwashed horde of mutants and cultists.

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