I have been a lifelong wargaming geek and have have taken up playing Roleplaying Games, Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, Sedition Wars & Deadzone over the last couple of years. This blog tracks my hobby progress in assembling, painting and playing games.

I split my time between Worcester & London in the UK and so message me if you are local to either and interested in meeting up for a game 🙂

Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @heretic30k

2 Responses to About

  1. Justin says:

    Hey. Love the blog. I’very amassed a large amount of Forge World Horus Heresy models and am currently involved in the stressful business of choosing a legion. I was thinking blood angels and stumbled across yours. Would be so kind as to divulge your paint scheme.

    • heretic30k says:

      Sure – I think this was Undercoat: Mephiston Red
      Wash: Carroburg Crimson
      Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet
      Edge Layer: Wild Rider Red
      Glaze: Bloodletter
      Spray: Humbrol acrylic matt varnish
      Sponge: Tamiya Weathering Master set A (grey mud)

      Good luck!

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