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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 4 (April) Askar & Terrain

Work is killing me at the moment, but I’m still managing to maintain positive hobby karma for a forth month in a row!

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Frostgrave Terrain Part 1 – Oathsworn Arcane Circle

I’m planning on running a Frostgrave narrative event for some of my old school Warhammer Fantasy Wargame/RPG buddies later in the year and since most of my boards & terrain are distinctly Sci-Fi or GrimDark 40k themed, I will need … Continue reading

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Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 5: Doomsday Weapons

Struggling to face up to the fact that as much as I might like the idea of having a 30k army with hundreds of militia levy cultists, I have to admin I have run out of time. The Takaan-Reva event … Continue reading

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Streets Tiles

One of my earliest (and most delayed) Kickstarters, I have really enjoyed painting these as a welcome change from doing miniatures because they are so quick to do. The detail is very good and so you get great results quickly … Continue reading

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Deadzone Displayboard Finished

I backed the Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Kickstarter for a set of the urban ‘clean’ and ‘ruined’ sets for WH40k play and also decided to add on a Deadzone Display Board as a little extra in order to test out … Continue reading

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Deadzone Contagion: Solo Playing Survivor Campaign

This was my first spin at playing using the ‘artificial stupidity’ rules for zombies and I have to say it is great fun. I tried out using the Rebs for the first scenario (‘Their Coming’) of the Sole Survivor Campaign.

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Deadzone Board Progress

Christmas has come early – I’ve just receive my pledge from the Secret Weapon Miniatures Kickstarter: a clean 4×4 and damaged 4×4 urban tile set and a smaller 2×2 Deadzone set. The product is very high quality and I am … Continue reading

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Third batch of Deadzone Plague Zombies: kitbashing with Kings Of War Undead Zombies & Ghouls

I have really enjoyed assembling & painting the Mantic Deadzone Plague Zombies in preparation for trying out the new Deadzone Contagion rules. For my third batch, I wanted to add in some additional variety and so inspired by the recent … Continue reading

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Starting on Deadzone Wave 2 Kickstarter Terrain: Landing Pad & Ruined Battlezones

The Mantic Deadzone terrain is REALLY great – real Lego for miniatures geeks.

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Alternative Deadzone Terrain: Underground Lasers work in progress 2

I am quite please how this has turned out. Not as fun to work with as the official Mantic Deadzone Battlezone terrain, but it has a slightly different aesthetic and so helps to add some variety to the table.

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