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Deadzone Wave 2 assembly begins: Plague Zombies!

I can almost taste the brains now!

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Alternative Deadzone Terrain: Underground Lasers work in progress 2

I am quite please how this has turned out. Not as fun to work with as the official Mantic Deadzone Battlezone terrain, but it has a slightly different aesthetic and so helps to add some variety to the table.

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More Deadzone Mercenaries

Work in progress – left to right: Freya Wrath Blaine Base colours done and a few quick highlights. Just in time for imminent Wave 2 Shipping.

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Alternative Deadzone Terrain: Underground Lasers

I have recently been looking to get enough terrain together for the S4 Long Way Down Scenario from the Nexus Psi Campaign book. This battle takes place along the series of walkways and gantries suspended under the underside of a … Continue reading

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Mantic’s Deadzone skirmish game – review

Context Being a big fan of skirmish games like GW’s Necromunda (and the White Dwarf predecessor, Confrontation), I was immensely excited at the prospect of playing a true spiritual successor given a modern rules revamp and so I immediately jumped … Continue reading

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Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign Game 2: Scenario Y – Ambush!

Just started the Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign: Enforcers vs Plague. First game was a loss to the Enforcers (forgot to take some pics unfortunately) and so for the 2nd game we ended up playing Mission Y: Ambush! This is deliberately … Continue reading

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