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Mantic’s Deadzone v2 – quick review

I have enjoyed playing the first edition of Mantic’s Deadzone and was a kickstarter backer. The follow-up Deadzone Infestation kickstarter was originally billed as opportunity to consolidate the ruleset which had become increasingly sprawling from the expansions, add to the … Continue reading

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Deadzone/Warpath Enforcer progress update

Now have a basic Enforcer army painted to tabletop standard.  Still curious as to how Warpath Firefight will shape up compared with the mass battle version, but these should be plenty for now!

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The End Is In Sight: Deadzone Wave 3 Progress

I got my final Deadzone Kickstarter shipment for Wave 3 in January: 20 Enforcers Troopers, 20 Enforcer Peacekeepers and 20 Forge Father Forge Guard – all in hard plastic.

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Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign Game 3: Scenario S1 – Shattered Hopes

This scenario deviates from standard Deadzone games in a couple of interesting ways. Firstly, there is no cover cube terrain unless the defending player spends points on it. Secondly, the battle is asymmetric and so the attacking player has a … Continue reading

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Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign Game 2: Scenario Y – Ambush!

Just started the Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign: Enforcers vs Plague. First game was a loss to the Enforcers (forgot to take some pics unfortunately) and so for the 2nd game we ended up playing Mission Y: Ambush! This is deliberately … Continue reading

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Three player Deadzone game: Enforcers, Plague & Marauders

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Deadzone Battlezone Terrain Progress & Game (Enforcers vs Plague)

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Deadzone Game in Progress (Enforcers vs Plague)

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