Hobby Bingo March 2021 Update: Marvel Crisis Protocol Starter

Home schooling is over in the UK as the Covid lockdown eases and so hopefully I have permanently retired from my 2nd unpaid job of being the ‘Worst Maths Teacher in the World’. Which means I have a bit more time for hobbying now!

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Hobby Bingo Feb 2021 Update: Necromunda Esher Gang, 40k Deathguard and Oathmark Undead

Trying to help school an 8yr old while working from home isn’t a great enabler for hobbying, but then again this is outweighed by the fact that there isn’t much to do at home in lockdown other than hobby or watch Netflix.

I have really found the Necromunda gangs a bit of a grind to do and the most intimidating has been the Esher and so I have really dragged my heels on painting them. Girding my brush, I finally settled on a purple & turquoise scheme which I think turned out OK despite it definitely being outside of my painting comfort palette:

Necromunda Esher Gang
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Hobby Bingo 2021

This year I am going to again be tracking my ‘net hobby karma’ (i.e. the number of figures I have painted and sold/given away vs. what I have bought). However, to mix things up in a bit more fun way than focusing on grinding away by the figure instead I’m going to focus on being able to tick off projects on my hobby bingo board. This is an idea originated from Andy of the Hobby Support Group podcast which has been widely adopted as a fun thing to share on the HATE Club Facebook page.

So here is my Hobby Bingo Board for 2021:

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#thedaemonink part 1 – The Devourers of the Word Made Flesh

As 2021 has begun, the UK has entered yet another Covid-19 lockdown and so I have decided to kick off with something a bit different to refresh my hobby mojo.

The Daemon Ink is another gloriously rich Inq28 background and hobby setting from the ever talented Mark from the Heresy Of Us blog – stop reading now and go check it out now before you do anything else!

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 18 / Necromunda Goliaths and Van Saar

Nov and early Dec have continued to be slow on the hobby progress front, but I have finally now made some progress on painting some Necromunda figures that have been left on the hobby pile of shame for quite some time.

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 17 / Blackstone Fortress #3

Sept and early Oct have continued to be slow on the hobby progress front, but I have finally now completed painting my Blackstone Fortress set!

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 16 / Blackstone Fortress #2

August ended another slow hobby month for me – no chance of regular face to face gaming any time soon given Covid, so I have been continuing with the Skype/Online RPG playing with what little free time I have. Continue reading

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 15 / Blackstone Fortress #1

A pretty slow month for me hobby wise as we had a brief holiday visiting relatives and I am at a fairly low motivational ebb as I have been putting my efforts into RPG scenario writing rather than painting.
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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 14 Covid lockdown edition

It is fair to say Covid has had a fairly disruptive effect on both work and personal/hobby life. On the negative, work has been crazy busy and attempting to do anything of value in terms of home schooling has been very trying – net effect is my hobby routine has been pretty blown and I won’t be able to go to any of the gaming events or club nights for the foreseeable future. On the positive side of things, I have had more time with the family and managed to make time to do more roleplaying via Skype. I would normally update by my blog during my commuting ‘dead time’ while on the train to London and so I have neglected doing it with the same regularity. Continue reading

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Spectaculars RPG review

Previously, I did a run down of my history of playing Super Hero roleplaying games both pre-2000 and post-2000, as a preview to doing a Full run through of my experiences running the Spectaculars RPG from Scratchpad Publishing.


*Spoiler* to cut to the chase, I think for me that Spectaculars is actually my favourite Superhero RPG of all time! Here is a quick rundown of all of the things that I dig about it: Continue reading

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