Killteam: Deathguard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons & Tyranids

I managed to play a couple of learner games of Killteam at HATE Club last night – a fun multiplayer battle between Deathguard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons & Tyranids.
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40k Deathguard vs Genestealer Cult

So I’ve managed to complete one of my gaming goals for the year by playing a game of 40k at HATE Club! I dug out my trusty old Deathguard to play against a veritable Genestealer Cultist horde in 55 power level game using Maelstrom of War.
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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 12

New year / new hobby karma reset! As a reminder of the rules of the game, essentially I am trying to make sure that net I paint, sell or give away more figure than I buy over the course of the year. I won’t mention the current size of the hobby cupboard of shame, just to aim to make sure that it is heading in the right direction 😉
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Adeptus Titanicus Part 1 – Warlord Assembly

The Epic Space Marine and Adeptus Titanicus releases were keystones of my teenage hobbying years. Before I picked up those games I had dabbled with attempting to paint a range of Citadel Warhammer Fantasy and 40k figures, but nothing more than a handful for any particular faction and not to any particularly unified colour scheme. I really got into the idea of collecting and playing with whole armies when I starting playing SM and AT which also required a level of perseverance and hobby focus that I simply hadn’t been able to sustain previously. Continue reading

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Warcry – Part 2: Untamed Beasts and Chaos Furies

I have heard the summons of Archaon and am now closing in on making progress with the Warcry starter set! I dipped my toe in by painting the Raptoryx (aka ‘Chaos Turkeys’) end of last year.
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Preparing for the Badab War – Astral Claws Part 1

Over the Christmas holidays I ended up idling away a good chunk of time by skimming through Forgeworld’s Imperial Armour 9 & 10 The Badab War. It is interesting to review these old books through the prism of the the current Horus Heresy ‘Black Books’ range – the Badab War very much seems like the proof of concept for Forgeworld to try out whether the marine on marine ‘future history’ conflict would have mileage.
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Marvel Crisis Protocol – Part 1

I have fond memories of playing the various superhero themed Heroclix games when they first came out, but the plastic material, sculpts and pre-painted quality has always been a bit patchy. While I love the sculpts for the Knight Model’s DC and Marvel games most of their range is in metal which I always tend to find problematic if the figures are intended for gaming rather than display pieces.

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