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Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance – Horus Heresy Narrative Event Write-up

Earlier in October I attended the Geno Five Two podcast’s narrative Horus Heresy Event: Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance @ Incom Gaming. Advertisements

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Dungeon Mines Kickstarter

Funded back in 2016, I was an early backer of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Dungeon Mines Kickstarter and I finally got my pledge last month! Work and family commitments mean that I have only just got around to opening up … Continue reading

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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 6

I picked up a few more cheap Ghar Battlesuits and Bombers during a recent Warlord Games warhouse sale simply because I find them so quick and fun to paint up – all base colours, washes and sponging gets most of … Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 6 – Darkoath Chieftain, Fyreslayer & Ogroid Thaumaturge

I’m slowly crawling towards the end of of my epic hobby quest to complete my Silver Tower set: the Darkoath Chieftain & Fyreslayer don’t really excite me too much as they are a bit static looking, but I really love … Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 5 – Gryph-hound

Slow hobby progress at the moment, but I did manage to get some paint on the Silver Tower Gryph-hound. It is a very cute little figure and my 6 year old daughter was quite taken with it – she has … Continue reading

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Dark Mechanicum Part 13 – House Atrax Armiger Warglaives

I have been on something of a hobby hiatus this month: spending summer on holiday with the family has a way of denting geek productivity, but now I’m back into a regular work and hobby routine. I bought a couple … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Campaign Day

So it had to happen eventually – after ‘only’ 20 years together I will be getting hitched to my better half at the end of the month. Being a nerd of a certain age, I decide to celebrate in the … Continue reading

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