Dwarvenforge Wildlands: Bleakmyre Swamp Terrain

Dwarvenforge makes for a pretty if expensive wargaming terrain option, but it is very durable and flexible. I had a bit of a Covid lockdown splurge on the Wildlands kit starter on the basis that you always need at least three time more than you think in order to get good board coverage.

My order finally shipped in May and so I have been feverishly painting it between other projects. I now have a respectable looking 3’x’3 Swamp board for Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago when combined with a themed mat from Deep Cut Studios.

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5 Responses to Dwarvenforge Wildlands: Bleakmyre Swamp Terrain

  1. Mrs. GG and I are big fans of Dwarven Forge… your build helps illustrate why. Great looking build! We love the Jim Henson-esque aesthetic of the sculpts but we also love the modularity and the durability. Unfortunately that comes with a high sticker price.

    • heretic30k says:

      I think the only problem I have is the analysis paralysis you get given the flexibility. It does help to pre-build in advance, take a snap of a set-up you like or have a rough doodle to hand of what you are wanting to achieve with a build.

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