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Frostgrave Terrain – Part 4 – Grave Stones

A gaming buddy gifted me with a sprue of Renedra Gravestones since he bought a bundle when they were on offer and he had way more than he would ever use. I left them on my hobby pile for years … Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 2 – Kairic Acolytes

I’m slowly continuing to chip away at the Silver Tower set: the Kairic Acolytes are a lot ‘beefier’ than I would normally expect with a Tzeentchian aesthetic, but then again if I had access to the magical power to buff … Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 1 – Grot Scuttlings, Necromancer & Banshee

After dutifully assembling all of the Silver Tower contents they have languished by my ‘must paint eventually’ pile since May 2016. Army projects have pushed back doing anything with them and then I haven’t psyched myself up to deciphering exactly … Continue reading

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Painting ghosts

Now my 30k Warp Cult army is complete I decided to treat myself to a hobby break by trying to finish off some of the smaller projects in my back catalogue and being a bit more experimental now I am … Continue reading

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