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Necromunda Chaos Helot Cultists: The Blight Bringers Part 2

The local ‘KitchenMunda’ Dominion Campaign is still going strong and I have actually managed to get in 8 games so far, with my gang now pushing just under 3,000 Credits. Playing weekly has been very motivating and so I have … Continue reading

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Necromunda Chaos Helot Cultists: The Blight Bringers

Having greatly enjoyed my first few intro games, we are now diving into a full blown Dominion Campaign and so I decided to dip my toe in by kit bashing & painting up some Nurgle Themed Cultists. Since I still … Continue reading

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 11 (Dec) Shadowspear Possessed, Obliterators and Warcry

Last hobby I will be able to manage in Dec before time gets sucked up on family holiday activities 😉 This is how my end of year hobby karma is looking:

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Silver Tower Part 2 – The Gaunt Summoner

I have decided to stick with the more bold and outlandish colour schemes for the Silver Tower figures and you cannot get much weirder than the master of the Tower – the Gaunt Summoner:

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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Count Down: Touching up my Blight Bringer Plague Marines

The drip feed of a pending release of 8th Edition WH40k and prospect of a new Nurgle Chaos Marine release has got me excited enough to dust of and touch up some old favourites: The Blight Bringer Warband.

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Counting down to Tarsiss 4 – Army Background

Here is my army background for the upcoming Tarsiss 4 Horus Heresy event:

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Plague Marine Quick Paint Colour Scheme

Wudugast of Convert Or Die asked me how I do my Plague Marine colour scheme, so here is a quick recipe:

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Dark Mechanicum Part 1 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix

If you followed my previous ramble about trying to decide what to commit to as my next Horus Heresy related hobby would be then it probably won’t be much of a surprise to hear that I finally opted for a … Continue reading

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Nurgle Marked Chaos Space Marine Warband: The Blight Bringers

Hereyofus.com has some great work in progress shots of some Nurgle themed Raptors which reminded me that I still hadn’t got around to finishing up my own Nurgle themed Chaos Space Marine Warband – The Blight Bringers.

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A face for radio . . . or podcasting: chatting to the Geno Five Two podcast – Casual Filth

The crew of the Geno Five Two podcast invited me to chat about my recent experience of dipping my toe into Horus Heresy gaming at the Takaan-Reva narrative event.

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