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Painting ghosts

Now my 30k Warp Cult army is complete I decided to treat myself to a hobby break by trying to finish off some of the smaller projects in my back catalogue and being a bit more experimental now I am … Continue reading

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My 2015 Year in the hobby review

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First game of Warhammer (R)Age of Sigmar!

I finally managed to rope in an old friend whom used to play Warhammer Fantasy with me back in 3rd Edition to give Age of Sigmar spin. To keep things quick I just threw together a small Skaven and Chaos … Continue reading

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So we are all round basers now? Some random thoughts on Age of Sigmar & WH40k

There has been much nerd rage over Age of Sigmar so I thought, I’d try to collate and throw in a few pence worth of my own thoughts.

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