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Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 5

The Horus Heresy 30k narrative escalation campaign continues (search for ‘Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign’ on Facebook)! In this round the Loyalists and Traitors clashed over a cache of archaeotech.

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Dark Imperium Starter Set: Plague Marines

I have now finished painting the Plague Marines from the Dark Imperium boxed set – forward for the fly father!

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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition initial thoughts after first game at HATE club

I first played 40k as a teenager way back in the end of the 1980s to early 1990s, with around a 10 year hiatus (due to a combined of the demands of significant others, university and work) and then jumped … Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Count Down: Touching up my Blight Bringer Plague Marines

The drip feed of a pending release of 8th Edition WH40k and prospect of a new Nurgle Chaos Marine release has got me excited enough to dust of and touch up some old favourites: The Blight Bringer Warband.

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Plague Marine Quick Paint Colour Scheme

Wudugast of Convert Or Die asked me how I do my Plague Marine colour scheme, so here is a quick recipe:

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Nurgle Marked Chaos Space Marine Warband: The Blight Bringers has some great work in progress shots of some Nurgle themed Raptors which reminded me that I still hadn’t got around to finishing up my own Nurgle themed Chaos Space Marine Warband – The Blight Bringers.

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Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 3: Malachi Ghore

My growing Horus Heresy Warp Cult army is in need of a name and a Force Commander. I wanted to make a suitably distinctive looking figure and to set them apart from the great unwashed horde of mutants and cultists.

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