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The Chapel Project – Part 18 – The warband of Inquisitor Kallidon Fell

So here is my first completed Inq28 warband: Inquisitor Kallidon Fell of Ordo Hereticus, Amalathian Puritan and warband leader. Baron Aurel Gotthold, Rogue Trader, ‘The Peacock’. Quint Jericus, Voidsman. Atellus, Astropath. Uriah ‘Frag’ Soloman, Regulator; Ex-Ganger from Gunmetal City. Silon … Continue reading

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The Chapel Project – Part 17 – Uriah ‘Frag’ Soloman painted

The final of my Inq28 warband characters, the were originally intended for The Chapel:Regulator Uriah ‘ Frag’ Soloman.

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The Chapel Project – Part 16 – Silon Thrace & Quint Jericus painted

My next two In28 characters painted: Glavian Gun-Cutter Pilot Silon Thrace and Voidsman Quint Jericus.

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More Plague Marines: First Strike Starter & The Plague Brethren

Before GW confirmed that the new multi-part Plague Marine kit were coming out, I had already decided to pick-up a copy of the First Strike starter set and the limited edition kit (‘The Plague Brethren’) as a way of bulking … Continue reading

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The Chapel Project – Part 15 – Atellus, Astropath painted

I eventually settled with the Psyker for my Inq28 warband for the Chapel on being an Astropath.

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The Chapel Project – Part 14 – Big Udo, Mutant Henchman painted

Ironically, Big Udo was one of my first Inq28 kit bashes for The Chapel – way before I had solidified a concept for my warband as a whole. Although it has been overused to the point of cliche in the … Continue reading

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The Chapel Project – Part 13 – Rotting Battle Servitor painted

And nearly six months after kit-bashing this little fellow, I have finally got around to painting him (or should that be it).

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Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 7: Battlefleet Gothic

After the last round’s Warlord Titan battle, it didn’t feel right to go back to a small point game for the final round of the campaign. Instead I opted to play a Battlefleet Gothic game representing the Traitor forces attempting … Continue reading

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