Frostgrave Terrain – Part 4 – Grave Stones

A gaming buddy gifted me with a sprue of Renedra Gravestones since he bought a bundle when they were on offer and he had way more than he would ever use. I left them on my hobby pile for years as I hadn’t got into any suitable projects to use them with as most of the time I play Sci-Fi themed games rather than fantasy or historicals.
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Silver Tower Part 2 – The Gaunt Summoner

I have decided to stick with the more bold and outlandish colour schemes for the Silver Tower figures and you cannot get much weirder than the master of the Tower – the Gaunt Summoner:
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Dungeon Saga Dragon: Karrathor, The Tyrant of Halpi

Digging through the great pile of unpainted toys looking for something suitable as an ‘end of level boss’ for my Frostgrave, I realised that I had the Dragon from Mantic’s Dungeon Saga Kickstarter.

Dungeon Saga Dragon: Karrathor, The Tyrant of Halpi

I decided to go for a classic red colour scheme as a call back to the original artwork Dungeons & Dragons ‘Red Box’ – that was the ultimate beginning of all of my hobby gaming experience. There are much nicer and elaborate dragon figures on the market, but I feel this one is in keeping with the old school asethic of Frostgrave and it was very cheap.

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Frostgrave Terrain – Part 3

More random Frostgrave terrain in preparation for my one day home campaign event. The barrels are from Mantic Games’ Dungeon Saga, but I cannot remember where the pillars & statues are from – I bought them at Salute a few years ago, but only recently remembered I had them.
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Silver Tower Part 2 – Kairic Acolytes

I’m slowly continuing to chip away at the Silver Tower set: the Kairic Acolytes are a lot ‘beefier’ than I would normally expect with a Tzeentchian aesthetic, but then again if I had access to the magical power to buff myself to early career Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle proportions then I probably would too – much less effort down the gym required!
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Frostgrave Terrain Part 2 – basic board

Given how terrain rich a good Frostgrave board needs to be and how many figures I need to paint, I didn’t want to invest too much time in building & painting large amounts of custom terrain so I decided to go with as many no paint/pre-painted terrain options as possible. Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 1 – Grot Scuttlings, Necromancer & Banshee

After dutifully assembling all of the Silver Tower contents they have languished by my ‘must paint eventually’ pile since May 2016. Army projects have pushed back doing anything with them and then I haven’t psyched myself up to deciphering exactly how the game works. Continue reading

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