Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance – Horus Heresy Narrative Event Write-up

Earlier in October I attended the Geno Five Two podcast’s narrative Horus Heresy Event: Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance @ Incom Gaming. Continue reading

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Dungeon Mines Kickstarter

Funded back in 2016, I was an early backer of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Dungeon Mines Kickstarter and I finally got my pledge last month! Work and family commitments mean that I have only just got around to opening up the several kilograms of terrain.
Continue reading

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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 6

I picked up a few more cheap Ghar Battlesuits and Bombers during a recent Warlord Games warhouse sale simply because I find them so quick and fun to paint up – all base colours, washes and sponging gets most of the work done and then just the glowing power sources to pick out as details. Minimum effort to get maximum hobby impact 🙂 Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 6 – Darkoath Chieftain, Fyreslayer & Ogroid Thaumaturge

I’m slowly crawling towards the end of of my epic hobby quest to complete my Silver Tower set: the Darkoath Chieftain & Fyreslayer don’t really excite me too much as they are a bit static looking, but I really love the pose of the Ogroid Thaumaturge: Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 5 – Gryph-hound

Silver Tower Gryph-hound

Slow hobby progress at the moment, but I did manage to get some paint on the Silver Tower Gryph-hound. It is a very cute little figure and my 6 year old daughter was quite taken with it – she has asked if she can have an army of these ‘Pokemon’ 😉

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Dark Mechanicum Part 13 – House Atrax Armiger Warglaives

I have been on something of a hobby hiatus this month: spending summer on holiday with the family has a way of denting geek productivity, but now I’m back into a regular work and hobby routine. I bought a couple of Armiger Warglaives on the speculative hope that Forgeworld would release official Horus Heresy rules for them soon and while that still hasn’t happened, there is a community ruleset floating around and the next (and final) episode of the Geno Five Two Podcast’s Tarsiss 4 event in October is allowing them to be used. Continue reading

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Frostgrave Campaign Day

So it had to happen eventually – after ‘only’ 20 years together I will be getting hitched to my better half at the end of the month. Being a nerd of a certain age, I decide to celebrate in the form of an ‘unstag’ weekend of gaming and beer so I gathered together all of my old RPG buddies and we played through a 4 game mini-campaign of Frostgrave. Continue reading

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