The Chapel Project – Part 16 – Silon Thrace & Quint Jericus painted

My next two In28 characters painted: Glavian Gun-Cutter Pilot Silon Thrace and Voidsman Quint Jericus.

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More Plague Marines: First Strike Starter & The Plague Brethren

Before GW confirmed that the new multi-part Plague Marine kit were coming out, I had already decided to pick-up a copy of the First Strike starter set and the limited edition kit (‘The Plague Brethren’) as a way of bulking out my old kit bashes and the newly painted mob from the Dark Imperium Starter Set.
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The Chapel Project – Part 15 – Atellus, Astropath painted

I eventually settled with the Psyker for my Inq28 warband for the Chapel on being an Astropath.
Inq28 Atellus, Astropath
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The Chapel Project – Part 14 – Big Udo, Mutant Henchman painted

Ironically, Big Udo was one of my first Inq28 kit bashes for The Chapel – way before I had solidified a concept for my warband as a whole. Although it has been overused to the point of cliche in the Inq28 community, there is no ignoring that the Age of Sigmar Lord of Plagues model is simply a brilliant and characterful base model to work with. For Udo, I ended up smashing it together with the head, arms, weapon and backpack from the Dark Vengeance stubber cultist, with a dash of greenstuff for good measure. Truth be told the arm proportions don’t quite work and my greenstuffing is very patchy in places when you look up close, but it isn’t too noticeable from across the tabletop and at the end of the day he is supposed to be a mutant, so it is easy to explain away badly proportioned limbs 🙂
Big Udo, Mutant Henchman Inq28
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The Chapel Project – Part 13 – Rotting Battle Servitor painted

And nearly six months after kit-bashing this little fellow, I have finally got around to painting him (or should that be it).
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Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 7: Battlefleet Gothic

After the last round’s Warlord Titan battle, it didn’t feel right to go back to a small point game for the final round of the campaign. Instead I opted to play a Battlefleet Gothic game representing the Traitor forces attempting to flee and evacuate the planet (since they have been on a loosing streak the last few rounds this was an obvious narrative hook). I don’t actually own any Battlefleet Gothic ships, but my opponent did and was up for a learning game: Continue reading

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Tarsiss 4 – The Taking of Nervia Glevesium – Horus Heresy narrative event

I had a great day at the 2017 run of the Tarsiss 4 Horus Heresy narrative event organised by the guys of the Geno Five Two Podcast. You can listen to their round-up of the event and hear the neat audio narrative clips they prepared on Soundcloud here. As with the last time they had the event, there was great terrain set-up to create some interestingly diverse battlegrounds combined with some cool narrative spin on the missions and strategic asset cards. Compared with the last time they ran the event they also managed to double the player count and had built a number of Zone Mortalis boards. I find I like change of pace from the mixing up of larger and smaller point games over the course of a two day event – gives people the chance to relax and take more of a look at other people’s games. Over the weekend, I played five games: 3 x 2,500pt ‘Frontline’ battles and 2 x 1,000pt Zone Mortalis skirmish games.

A big shout out to Sam Cornick of Six Up Save whom gave me a lift to the event.

Here is a quick photo-dump of my games. The quality of the hobby was exceptionally high – some really inspiring work on display at the event:

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