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Dwarvenforge Wildlands: Bleakmyre Swamp Terrain

Dwarvenforge makes for a pretty if expensive wargaming terrain option, but it is very durable and flexible. I had a bit of a Covid lockdown splurge on the Wildlands kit starter on the basis that you always need at least … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Archipelago Part 2, Silver Bayonet Part 1 & Turnip28 Part 2

After cranking through the Frostgrave Crews in Jan & Feb, early March hobby time was spent on critters for use as wandering monsters aka the more random Salute purchases. First up we have some giant cobras – generic enough that … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Archipelago 1

For February, I raided the pile of shame for anything which could be vaguely repurposed for Frostrgave Archipelgo alongside the random purchases I had made at Salute 2021. All of these are a very simple evolution of the quick paint … Continue reading

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Hobby Bingo Feb 2021 Update: Necromunda Esher Gang, 40k Deathguard and Oathmark Undead

Trying to help school an 8yr old while working from home isn’t a great enabler for hobbying, but then again this is outweighed by the fact that there isn’t much to do at home in lockdown other than hobby or … Continue reading

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Hobby Bingo 2021

This year I am going to again be tracking my ‘net hobby karma’ (i.e. the number of figures I have painted and sold/given away vs. what I have bought). However, to mix things up in a bit more fun way … Continue reading

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Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 6 (June) Civilians, Rangers & Terrain

Progress continues at a fair pace!

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Random figures for Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deep

One of the great things I love about both Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep is that they miniatures range agnostic.

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Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Dungeon Mines Kickstarter

Funded back in 2016, I was an early backer of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Dungeon Mines Kickstarter and I finally got my pledge last month! Work and family commitments mean that I have only just got around to opening up … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Campaign Day

So it had to happen eventually – after ‘only’ 20 years together I will be getting hitched to my better half at the end of the month. Being a nerd of a certain age, I decide to celebrate in the … Continue reading

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Frostgrave Terrain – Part 6 – Sigmarite Mausoleum 2

Still making good progress with with the Sigmarite Mausoleum set – just some fences to finish off now.

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