My Armies

The blog format is is a fun way of posting updates in an organic, work in progress style, but doesn’t do a good job of consolidation.  To that end I am going to use this page to gather together the most recent and complete pics of the armies I play.

Warhammer 40k

Currently working on:

Chaos – The Slaughter Pact (Nurgle Blight Bringers & Khorne Charnel Hounds)

I bought the Dark Vengeance boxed set shortly after release as I had been a long-term fan of the WH40k RPGs and thought the new cultists would be great for Dark Heresy or Black Crusade.

As is often the case with my hobbying, after an initial frenzy of excited assembly & undercoating, they had languished untouched until the end of last year when my enthusiasm for doing a Chaos Marine force peaked after I managed to scrape together some spare cash for a small Forgeworld splurge which lead me to pick-up the upgrade kits for Khorne Berserkers & Plague Marines.

I’m currently building up to a core of around 1,000pt force of painted infantry and intend to launch myself back into learning 7th edition and actually trying to get some regular wargaming in again once that is completed.

Khorne Berserker Plague Marine Plague Marine Plague Marine Plague Marines



Older armies (pics to follow when time allows):

Tyranids – Hive Fleet Kraken

Astara Militarum – Cadians & Savlar Chemdogs

Blood Angels Successors – Fleshtearers



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  1. models and terrain are all awesome!

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