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Silver Tower Part 4 – Familiars: Tweek

6/8 Familiars done for Silver Tower now that the Tweeks are finished. I love the character in this little birdman who thinks that he’s a Lord of Change. Advertisements

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Silver Tower Part 3 – Familiars: Slop

Slop is one of the Familiars of the Gaunt Summoner from Silver Tower. Due to the sprue repeats in the Silver Tower sets you get two even though only one is needed. Theses were very quick to do with a … Continue reading

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Silver Tower Part 2 – The Gaunt Summoner

I have decided to stick with the more bold and outlandish colour schemes for the Silver Tower figures and you cannot get much weirder than the master of the Tower – the Gaunt Summoner:

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Silver Tower Part 1 – Grot Scuttlings, Necromancer & Banshee

After dutifully assembling all of the Silver Tower contents they have languished by my ‘must paint eventually’ pile since May 2016. Army projects have pushed back doing anything with them and then I haven’t psyched myself up to deciphering exactly … Continue reading

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