Silver Tower Part 7 – Aelves: Mistweaver Saih & Tenebrael Shard

It seems ages since I last worked on anything from Silver Tower, but I finally got over the mental hurdle of deciding on some basic colours schemes for the aelf characters – the Mistweaver Saih & the Tenebrael Shard:
Aelf Silver Tower Characters: Mistweaver Saih & the Tenebrael Shard

These two remain odd & quirky characters: I’m really not on the ball with Age of Sigmar faction lore and so I’m completely unsure which faction they relate to. I suppose it could be that they are still a hint at future releases: we have seen the Tzangor and Darkoaths get small releases in AoS and Warhammer Underworlds. I thought the aesthetic hinted at something Slanneshi perhaps, but their warscrolls mark them out as belonging to Order. Maybe they will simply remain quirky one off characters – given the breadth of GW’s release schedule that is always a possibility I guess.

I still have the Sigmarite Excelsior Warpriest to finish which is my least favourite model from the release and then I will have a completed Silver Tower set!

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