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Dark Mechanicum Part 4 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Paladin, Styrix & Crusader Completed

My House Atrax Dark Mechanicum Imperial Knights Allied detachment is now complete – all ready for play alongside my Warp Cult army (The Covenant of the Octet Pantheon) for the Tarsiss 4 narrative Horus Heresy event this weekend. Advertisements

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Dark Mechanicum Part 3 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Paladin & Crusader Work In Progress

Roughly 80% done now – just a few more highlights needed, a few plates to stick on and the bases to finish off:

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Counting down to Tarsiss 4 – Army Background

Here is my army background for the upcoming Tarsiss 4 Horus Heresy event:

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Dark Mechanicum Part 1 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix

If you followed my previous ramble about trying to decide what to commit to as my next Horus Heresy related hobby would be then it probably won’t be much of a surprise to hear that I finally opted for a … Continue reading

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