Hobby Bingo August 2021 – Belated Stargrave Mega-update Part 1

So it is time to concede that anything resembling regular blogging has been thrown out of the window as summer holidays are now come and gone.

Since I enjoy both Frostrgave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, have really been looking forward to Stargrave and so I took the opportunity to splurge on a mixture of official Northstar figures, Gates of Antares Freeborn, Maelstrom’s Edge Broken, GW Hobbit Goblins and a rag tag of other figures to fill out the Bestiary.

I haven’t religiously kept a track of the actual ‘hobby karma’, but I have pretty much painted everything as I have bought it with just about a half dozen figures left to the bits box Gods for future conversion – all in should be around 138 figures painted over the last few months (I think).

Here is a smattering of pictures:

Frostrgave Cultist bodies + Gates of Antares Freeborn heads = Stargrave Ruffians
Wild West Exodus = Robodog
Fristgrave Grolls + Stargave Crew Guns = Crew Runnersor Ruffians
Gates of Antares Algoryn bodies + Puppets War heads = Pirate or Crew Troopers
First Mate Robotics Expert and Veteran Captain in Combat Armour
Robot Troopers in Combat Armour
Captain, First Mate and Troopers in Heavy Armour
Xeno Dog
Rogue & Tekker
Psionicist & Mystic
Mystic, Medic and Psionicist
Xeno Bounty Hunters
Xeno Bounty Hunters
Xeno Bounty Hunters
Heavy Troopers / Space Pirates
Crew / Light Armour
Crew / Heavy Armour
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