Hobby Bingo April 2021 Update: Badab War & Lufgt Huron

Belated April hobby write-up! Covid lockdown continues to progress in the UK, but my commuting to London for work is now a distant memory and so I struggle to find time for regular blogging now.

I finally decided to paint up my Lufgt Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws and the only leftover I have for my Badab War force. The fragile lighting claw was damaged, I don’t like unhelmeted characters and I don’t generally bother with fragile back banners and so I needed to do a bit of kit bashing. To give him a bit of additional gravitas, I also put him on a silly giant hero base.

I was very tempted to buy a copy of Cursed City and then I reminded myself I have only relatively recently finished painting both Silver Tower and Blackstone Fortress – neither of which I have played properly, although I have used the figures for other games. As a compromise to my hobby hunger for new figures, I had a quick look on eBay to see which figures were going relatively cheaply and managed to snag the two ogres as I wanted something I could use to bolster my Oathmark Undead force. I then picked up some base adaptors from Illusionary Terrain.

Net Hobby Karma to end of April 2021 is +41 for painting these guys (+13 painted including the #daemonink cultists;+30 for random old Mantic figures given away; -2 new ogres purchased) – which nets out at +64 for the year to date. In terms of my Hobby Bingo projects, 6 of 12 projects have been completed/progressed so I am quite happy with that. I’ll probably be adding more to some of the ‘completed’ projects, but again I am quite happy being able to tick off around 1 project/month.

May is likely to be a bit of a step backwards as I will have some terrain projects to catch-up on which I don’t generally count towards progress and I jumped in an bought a load of Stargrave figures as part of the launch ‘Nickstarter’ as well as some 3rd party bits from puppetswar.eu and Beyond The Gates of Antares in order to add some addition variety. I want to run a Stargrave Campaign day for some of my old gaming buddies when larger at home social gatherings are allowed again in the UK so I want enough figures to be able to build a couple of different crews as well as some NPC ‘wandering monsters’.

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