Hobby Bingo March 2021 Update: Marvel Crisis Protocol Starter

Home schooling is over in the UK as the Covid lockdown eases and so hopefully I have permanently retired from my 2nd unpaid job of being the ‘Worst Maths Teacher in the World’. Which means I have a bit more time for hobbying now!

The Marvel Crisis Protocol Starter has quite a cool mix of A list class big hitter heroes like Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America, the formidable and iconic if unpowered Black Widow and my personal geek fan favourite Spidey. The Cabal villains aren’t quite so stellar. Ultron and Red Skull are classic big bads, but Baron Zemo, Crossbones are definitely B or C list class villains. I have a soft spot for Dr. Oct as a Spidey villain and he has recognition from the movies, but again is far from the A list of super-villainy.

The figures are 40mm scale which makes them quite a bit larger than what most people are likely to already have in their modern terrain collections so it is handy that the starter includes a reasonable amount of scatter terrain too.

I must confess I found these a bit fiddly to put together and there are some oddities on the sprue, like why is there a 2nd identical Spider-Man head? Anyway, a quick splash of Contrast paint later and I had a completely painted starter. A quick shout out to the simple, but effective painting guide at Calavera Miniature Painting. These actually painted up for Ann’s Immaterium March 2021 “Neglected But Not Forgotten” Painting Challenge since I originally got them as a present for Xmas 2019 and they have largely been sat collecting dust since then.

It was fun to paint these, but getting more figures for MCP looks pricy since individual figures are pegged at around £20-30/fig in the UK – come back GW pricing all is forgiven!

Net Hobby Karma to end of March 2021 is +10 for painting these guys; +23 for the year to date. In terms of my Hobby Bingo projects, 5 of 12 projects have been completed/progressed so I am quite happy with that. I’ll probably be adding more to some of the ‘completed’ projects, but at the moment I am quite happy being able to tick off around 1 project/month.

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4 Responses to Hobby Bingo March 2021 Update: Marvel Crisis Protocol Starter

  1. Ann says:

    Nice miniatures and nice terrain too. Does the terrain come pre-assembled and pre-painted or do you have to assemble/paint it in addition to doing the miniatures?

    • heretic30k says:

      All the terrain comes in the starter – all in hard plastic like a GW kit so you need to assemble & paint. The only thing in the pic which isn’t from the starter is the hard plastic secret weapons miniatures urban floor tile.

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