Hobby Bingo Feb 2021 Update: Necromunda Esher Gang, 40k Deathguard and Oathmark Undead

Trying to help school an 8yr old while working from home isn’t a great enabler for hobbying, but then again this is outweighed by the fact that there isn’t much to do at home in lockdown other than hobby or watch Netflix.

I have really found the Necromunda gangs a bit of a grind to do and the most intimidating has been the Esher and so I have really dragged my heels on painting them. Girding my brush, I finally settled on a purple & turquoise scheme which I think turned out OK despite it definitely being outside of my painting comfort palette:

Necromunda Esher Gang

Much more to my taste and painting comfort zone, was a return to painting the Space Marine Heroes Series 3 Deathguard set and a Foul Blightspawn which I couldn’t remember buying, but was unearthed at the bottom of my bits box during an unrelated hobby raid:

Nurgle Deathguard Foul Blightspawn

Space Marine Heroes Series 3 Nurgle Deathguard Plaguemarines

pace Marine Heroes Series 3 Nurgle Deathguard Plaguemarines

I just love painting these figs – I need to dig the rest of by 40k Deathguard out of storage post-lockdown to see what gaps I have left in the collection. They are just a fun paint as I can be relatively quick and sloppy with them and they still come out just as I want them to!

To stave off the lockdown blues I did a bit of retail therapy and purchased the start of an Oathmark Undead force: 60 Oathmark Skeletons and 8 Frostgrave Wizards to make some Necromancers.

The Oathmark Skeletons are a pretty good bang per buck choice to bulk out an Undead army – they have a Bronze Age aesthetic which I like. The GW Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard which I painted up on a whim for use in Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deep work really well as unit Champions when you mix them in. I still have 4 Frostgrave Wizards which I have no immediate plans for and a good bundle of bits saved for future kitbashes.

Net Hobby Karm to end of Feb:

  • +10 Painted Esher.
  • +7 Painted Nurgle Plague Marines.
  • -60 Bought Oathmark Skeletons.
  • +60 Painted Oathmark Skeletons.
  • -8 Bought Frostgrave Wizards.
  • +4 Painted Frostgrave Wizards.

Net hobby karma to the end of Feb is +13 for me which I am quite happy with given I had the big skeleton splurge. Also in terms of my Hobby Bingo Board, I have actually progressed and completed 4 out of 12 projects planned for the year, which I am quite pleased about:

I suspect this early success will be dragged down as I am not thinking of lots of additions to bulk out the Oathmark force over the next few months 😉

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