#thedaemonink part 1 – The Devourers of the Word Made Flesh

As 2021 has begun, the UK has entered yet another Covid-19 lockdown and so I have decided to kick off with something a bit different to refresh my hobby mojo.

The Daemon Ink is another gloriously rich Inq28 background and hobby setting from the ever talented Mark from the Heresy Of Us blog – stop reading now and go check it out now before you do anything else!

My offering for this project is a cult warband lead by a Radical Inquisitor: The Devourers of the Word Made Flesh.

‘The Devourers of the Word started off innocuously enough: a simple brotherhood of Scribe-Scholars toiling away anonymously in the Inquisitorial Fortress Library on Otera. Their downfall began as they fell under the purview of Inquisitor Hellatrix, a radical Xanthistist whom has fallen to the ruinous powers by her hubris and thirst for power. Rather than scrutinising the Devourers for signs of corruption, Hellatrix has lead them down the path to damnation by encouraging them to explore the heretical proscribed texts and the art using the Daemon Ink.

They began initially by using the Daemon Ink to annotate their work, but this quickly escalated to tattooing forbidden knowledge onto their skin. Warped in body and mind, the Ink granted them a thirst and hunger for both more forbidden knowledge and human flesh. This has lead them to self mutilation and autosarcophagy – hence their renaming as the Devourers of the Word Made Flesh. They will only now be full sated by allowing the stain of the Ink to corrupt all of Otera.’

Here are my initial concept for the Devourers. They still need a bit of green-stuffing and some extra detailing, but I’m super happy with the core kitbashes:

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5 Responses to #thedaemonink part 1 – The Devourers of the Word Made Flesh

  1. Azazel says:

    Beautiful(!) kitbashes!

  2. Jenn says:

    Fantastic looking kitbashes here!
    Love how they blend together, I look forward to seeing them progress~

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