Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 18 / Necromunda Goliaths and Van Saar

Nov and early Dec have continued to be slow on the hobby progress front, but I have finally now made some progress on painting some Necromunda figures that have been left on the hobby pile of shame for quite some time.

Painted (+20)
  • 10 x Goliaths
  • 10 x Van Saar
Necromunda Goliaths
Necromunda Goliaths
Necromunda Van Saar

I must confess I have ‘cheated’ quite a bit with these. Given the lack of play opportunity for the foreseeable future, I am finding it really hard to get motivated to paint and I already find the Necromunda line quite effort intensive given the detail of the figures and then complexity of the sculpts. The net result is I have focused on just doing basecoats and quick washs or using GW contrast paints to get these to a basic tabletop standard. I’d normally want to do a bit more layering and weathering, but I think to keep motived for now I’m just going to continue to focus on getting things to the point so that they look ok a gaming table from a 3 foot distance. If they actually get some play in 2021 then I will add some more details, but for now I am calling these done!

Sold (+1)
  • 1 x Leman Russ Battletank
I have had a half-built Leman Russ sat in the cupboard for a few years so time for it to go – I traded it to my FLGS Worcester Wargames for some paint that I needed for other projects. One small removal from the pile of shame.

Bought (-6)
  • 6 x Space Marine Heroes Series 3 Plague Marines
Plague Marines are one of my favourite things to paint and as I find that they tend to suit my lazy/messy painting style, I find you can get away with using weathering to help them get them painted quickly. I really liked the Space Marine Heroes Series 1 set that I got a few of for my Badab War projects and I haven’t painted anything ‘Nurggly’ for a while so I decided to cave in and pick up a complete set of Series 3. Fortunately, this time you can get a complete set as a bundle so no need to excessively blind buy 😉

Net hobby karma for this period nets out at +15. Year to date I am up +171. A much slower rate than in 2019 which ended on +270 which I won’t get anywhere near, but good to see I am managing some combination of progress and self restraint.
This is where I have to confess I have slightly bent my hobby karma rules as I have bought and been painting a big pile of Dwarven Forge terrain with my 8 year old as a family hobby project. That said I don’t normally count my terrain purchases or hobbying progress as there is an infinite about of hair splitting that could be done with terrain about counting it as a single or multiple pieces. Likewise, we have enjoyed working on this together during family time so it hasn’t really impacted the time spent on my personal gaming projects. I’ll probably throw up a few posts around my terrain and roleplaying projects over the holiday period when the pace of life briefly quietens down.
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3 Responses to Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 18 / Necromunda Goliaths and Van Saar

  1. davekay says:

    Nice going! I also find that restraint on the purchasing is the main driver of progress for me. While I have increased the number of models painted over the last couple of years, it has been reducing the number of models I buy that has made the biggest difference in terms of progress.

    • heretic30k says:

      Thanks. Agree 100% that reducing needless purchases is key. Also don’t be afraid to sell on or regift things that you will never get around to. I’m in my 40s now and there are after all only so many years of painting ahead 😉

      • davekay says:

        True! I’m looking at my models and there’s at least 60 that will probably get sold or given away (or used for conversion parts) rather than painted.

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