Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 16 / Blackstone Fortress #2

August ended another slow hobby month for me – no chance of regular face to face gaming any time soon given Covid, so I have been continuing with the Skype/Online RPG playing with what little free time I have.

Bought (-1)
I purchased the new 2nd Edition of Frostgrave which came with a free Wizard mini and so I have one more mini added to the pile of shame. I’ll leave her for when I fancy a chance of pace between bigger projects.

Painted (+16)

  • 14 x Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Infantry
  • 2 x Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Psykers

The Traitor Guard Infantry are really nicely detailed miniatures. You are essentially getting two identical 7 strong squads, so I added a bit of differentiation by clipping off some of the spiky bits, adding more skulls and swapping some of the weapons. A quick shout out to Midwinter Mini Youtube Channel which has painting guides for all of the Blackstone Fortress figures – I have been using this as inspiration for how to kick off painting and avoid the usual colour scheme decision paralysis which normally holds me up from painting.

I would have loved a more multi-part kit for these guys so fingers cross that will be a future GW release. I have told myself that I wouldn’t collect another horde 40k army as I will probably never get around to playing with it and I do already have some 100+ painting mutants & militia, but these are SO much nicer figures!

The mutated potato headed Unsanctioned Psykers are also great figures with lots of character:

Clearly warp tainted psykers that are prone to exploding or daemonic possession are the best kind of psyker to have as any proper follower of the ruinous powers will tell you!

Nothing sold or given away this month so that nets out my hobby karma at +15 for the month and overall +136 for the year as a whole.

I’ve already made a start on the Blackstone Fortress ‘Heroes’ in Sept, but they are quite detailed & diverse so it will probably take me into October finish those.

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2 Responses to Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 16 / Blackstone Fortress #2

  1. davekay says:

    nice work maintaining positive karma! I love those Midwinter Minis videos too, very helpful in terms of getting to grips with all the different models in the set.

    • heretic30k says:

      Yes there is a fantastic variety of figures in Blackstone Fortress so it is nice to get some inspiration on what colours to use. I fall back too often on the same combination of red, black, brown and metallics as I’m a bit weak on colour theory so it is good to get some more variety in based on something you can see someone else has got to work. The Midwinter Minis videos seem to be around the perfect combination of information density, relatively short length and achievable level of technique for me.

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