Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 14 Covid lockdown edition

It is fair to say Covid has had a fairly disruptive effect on both work and personal/hobby life. On the negative, work has been crazy busy and attempting to do anything of value in terms of home schooling has been very trying – net effect is my hobby routine has been pretty blown and I won’t be able to go to any of the gaming events or club nights for the foreseeable future. On the positive side of things, I have had more time with the family and managed to make time to do more roleplaying via Skype. I would normally update by my blog during my commuting ‘dead time’ while on the train to London and so I have neglected doing it with the same regularity.

All said and done, I have managed to make quite a bit of progress over the last few months:

Bought (-1)

  • 1 x Titanicus Warbringer Titan

I am really lucky in that I am able to work from home during lockdown and so haven’t had the hit to my family income like many have. I wanted to make sure that I could do my bit for small hobby stores so I made sure to buy something via mail order from my friendly local gaming store and that ended up being a Titanicus titan and some terrain. I did order some bits from some of the smaller hobby companies too – since there was no Salute this year I figured that it was worth spreading some of by hobby pounds around to them too.

Painted (+30)

  • 2 x Legio Mortis Titanicus Warlord Titans
  • 1 x Legio Mortis Titanicus Warbringer Titan
  • 5 x Badab War Themed Raptor Marines
  • 5 x Badar War Themed Astral Claws Tartaros Terminators
  • 5 x Badar War Themed Astral Claws Tartaros Assault Terminators
  • 2 x Badar War Themed Astral Claws Razorbacks
  • 5 x Badar War Themed Astral Claws Assault Marines
  • 1 x Horus Heresy Themed Iron Warriors Rhino
  • 1 x Horus Heresy Themed Iron Warriors Predator Plasma Annihilator<
  • 3 x Ultima Founding homebrew Chapter Steel Hawks

It may only average out to 10 figures a month of progress, but some of these are really complicated and time consuming to do like the Titans! Also I did manage to paint some Titanicus terrain too which I don’t normally count for or against my hobby karma scores, but it was good to get finished:

Nothing sold or given away, so for the last few months my net hobby karma is +29 and for the year it is now a moderately healthy +59. I still have plenty of things in the cupboard of shame, but lockdown has made a significant dent in it. For the next few months I am intending to focus on finishing off the Titanicus Knights, dipping into Blackstone Fortress and my long neglected Necromunda Eshers & Goliaths.

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2 Responses to Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 14 Covid lockdown edition

  1. davekay says:

    Any progress is good progress, also I always love seeing painted Adeptus Titanicus models!

    • heretic30k says:

      Indeed! They are really great kits, but SO detailed – painting the trim takes forever. Several mates at the gaming club have admitted to ‘cheating’ by ‘painting’ the trim with metallic sharpies. While this offends my painting sensibilities, I have to admit it is probably a very sensible move as you won’t be able to tell from across a table if you are just aiming to have them table-top quality.

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