Killteam: Deathguard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons & Tyranids

I managed to play a couple of learner games of Killteam at HATE Club last night – a fun multiplayer battle between Deathguard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons & Tyranids.

I think we *mostly* got the rules right, although we did ignore the Advanced Rules and use of Tactics/Command points just to keep if simple to start with. It is a mix of I go/you go for movement and then alternating activations for shooting and close combat which I really like in contrast to 40k as it feels much more dynamic and interactive. I intend to make an effort to play more as it is much more practical to play on a weeknight than 40k for me give the comparatively short play time needed and low model count. It is also a good excuse to pick up lots of different new figures which never hurts of course!

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6 Responses to Killteam: Deathguard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons & Tyranids

  1. Ann says:

    Very pretty boards. I really do think the IG/YG dynamic is something that needs to go in 40K, especially in larger games. I hope in some future edition GW decides to do something else more interesting. I particularly like how Bolt Action does it with the dice.

    • heretic30k says:

      Agree 100%. Beyond the Gates of Antares is essentially Bolt Action in space with d10s and the dice bag activation is what makes it so much fun to play that I just wish GW did something similar with 40k.

      • Ann says:

        A friend and I played a couple of games of 40K using BA activation rules a few years ago and it was fun. One side effect was that putting the activation die next to a unit made it so that one never had to ask, “Has that unit of Warriors gone yet?” With people using D6’s or weird stones or whatever, which tend to either blend in with various other tracking devices or (in the case of the D6’s) get picked up by accident to roll something, the activation dice had an elegant simplicity in that they were good for nothing else other than that one purpose.

        I’ve heard of Gates of Antares but never played it. If I ever run into anyone where I live, or maybe at a con, who plays it, I’ll definitely give it a try now that I know it is Bolt Action in space. 🙂

      • heretic30k says:

        It is also worth mentioning that I really like the use of d10s in Antares as you are generally just making a hit and then save roll for combat in most cases and so it easy and intuitive to work out the % chance of success. As a side effect it is much quicker to play than the 40k hit/wound/armour/potentially addition damage mitigation roll on top of that, etc.

      • Ann says:

        Huh, sounds like a good game. Hope I get a chance to play it sometime. 🙂

    • heretic30k says:

      Also the boards are the hard work of other HATE Club regulars – this set of terrain was made for Necromunda originally but doubles as great Killteam terrain. They have something like 20+ different terrain sets of this quality in a variety of styles for fantasy/40k/Necromunda/Infinity. They are all a really friendly & welcoming bunch too with all of the founders being onboard with promoting inclusivity – toxic masculinity and dickishness is simply not tolerated.

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