Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 8 (Aug & Sept)

Confession time – my productivity streak simply couldn’t last for ever! Family holiday and a crazy work schedule has meant that August was a complete hobby progress write-off: nothing painted at all.
September has been equally busy with work and I have been struggling to decide about what to paint without much enthusiasm. As a bit of a break I decided to assemble and undercoat as much as possible from the cupboard of shame with a view to rebooting my painting in October.

While painting has been a complete failure, I did manage to finish off playing the last scenario of the Burning Light campaign for Rangers of Shadow Deep at HATE Club. This has really cemented for me how great a game it is for quick, fun casual play. We narrowly managed to fight off the undead Dark Wing and escape the ruined Abbey with the holy relic we had recovered:

Rangers of Shadow Deep Burning Light Campaign

angers of Shadow Deep Burning Light Campaign

In fact I have enjoyed RoSD so much that I roped my old D&D RPG buddies to start a new campaign to run through. It has been interesting to see how well it replays. The differences in play from the random event cards, my home terrain versus HATE Club terrain and new mix of Ranger character builds means that there is plenty enough to keep things interesting.

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