Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 7 (July) Deathwatch Overkill: Genestealer Cultists

A combination of the heat, organising my daughter’s birthday party, preparing for the family in August and a crazy busy schedule at work has completely killed my hobby motivation & progress for the month.

Bought (0)
Nothing purchased for July – I have been good this month 😉

Given Away (+20)
I scraped through my bits box for things that I will probably never get around to working on and have no need of to donate to friends at HATE Club:

  • 5 x Mantic Sci-Fi Zombies
  • 10 x Mantic Enforcer Scouts
  • 5 x Chaos Space Marines

I do like the Mantic Sci-Fi zombies, but I already have something like 40+ painted which is more than enough for Deadzone (which I haven’t played for ages) and I’m not going to be playing Warpath so time for them to go. They are quite nice kit-bashing fodder, but I can’t think of any I would want to use the bits for ahead of the the many other projects in my backlog so time for them to go. Likewise, the Enforcer Scouts are pretty nice, but I ultimately would prefer to be painting & playing the Necromunda stuff I have sat around. The Chaos Space Marine bits are all the old stuff which looks super dated compared to the super-duper new stuff which I still have half of the Shadowspear set to work on.

Sold (0)
Nothing for this month.

Painted (+16)
I picked up Deathwatch Overkill ages ago and I even got the Deathwatch half commission painted since I thought they are cool minis, but had zero interest in painting them. My original intention was to use them for the Fantasy Flight Deathwatch RPG rather than the board game, but that idea has died a death with the collapse of my regular RPG group. The boardgame does look cool and then Genestealer Cultist figures are great so I’m going to try to knuckle down and give these a quick paint job which won’t be easy as they do have a ton of detail. I ended up doing a bit of a cheat by undercoating them Mechanicus Standard Grey and then using the new Constrast Paint Black on all of the body armour and guns as that covers around half the figures. Far from my best work, but good enough for now.

Genestealer Cultists

Genestealer Cultists

Genestealer Cultists

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