Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 6 (June) Civilians, Rangers & Terrain

Progress continues at a fair pace!

Bought (-7)
More terrain for running Rangers of Shadow Deep at home:

  • 3 x GW Trees
  • 4 x Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescape: Forgotten City tiles

Given Away (0)

Sold (0)

Painted (+57)
All RoSD focused this month:

  • 5 x Hasslefree Civilians
  • 1 x Skeleton
  • 4 x Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescape: Forgotten City tiles
  • 4 x Rangers
  • 39 x Mantic Scatter Terrain

So my net hobby karma for June is +50 and for the year to date is +180!

Hasslefree civilians/villages
Hasslefree civilians/villages
The kids definitely don’t look like adventurers despite the plucky boy having a wooden sword. I like the female characters don’t have the stereotypical fantasy chainmail bikini look which seems to infect some of the Hasslefree range. I deliberately painted the practical looking lady on the left to have similar blue clothing to the kids so you can imaging that she is their mother. The green gown lady on the right looks like a classical princess or perhaps a sorceress so plenty of utility.

Warlord Games skeleton
Warlord Games skeleton
A lone leftover figure which I had misplaced from the batch I did last month. I’ll need many more archers if I am going to be playing Warlords of Erewhon.

Secret Weapon Miniatures Forgotten City tiles
Secret Weapon Miniatures Forgotten City tiles
Sadly it looks like these are out of production now (I believe due to some legal dispute between SWM and the chinese manufacturer) – but I did manage to pick up these four 12″x12″ tiles which go together nicely with my Frontline Stones tiles and Tablescapes Mines tiles. They are a good size to represent large internal rooms of a dungeon or keep. Love painting these – so quick and fun to do. I need to try to find some stand alone walls to match them.

Northstar Rangers

The first official miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep – some great and characterful sculpts, two male and two female. Fun and quick to paint in earthy colours.

Mantic Scatter Terrain from Dungeon Saga

This is stuff that has sat in my collection gathering dust for years – nice to finally put some paint on and it will work great as scatter terrain for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Not an exciting paint, but very useful for a range of fantasy games.

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