Silver Tower Part 8 – Excelsior Warpriest

The final model I needed to paint from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – the Excelsior Warpriest. I’ve left this fellow until last as going back to my D&D years, I’ve never been a big fan of ‘Cleric’/’Good guy’ archetypes. Also with my fantasy gaming, I am usually more drawn to the grotesque and exotic – so a plain old human doesn’t quite fire my creative imagination compared with the more gribbly Tzangors and Horrors.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Excelsior Warpriest

There is a sense of satisfaction in having a completed painted set even though it is nearly 3 years since the boxed game came out! I bought it mainly to use the figures for Frostgrave, but it is kinda crazy that I’ve not actually played Silver Tower proper – I’m only skimmed the rules once. My own personal preference for waiting until I have a fully painted set before playing can be motivating in some cases but it has been a bit of grind with the figures I have found less interesting.

I did get a copy of Blackstone Fortress for my birthday last year so hopefully I will get that painted in less than 3 years from now . . .

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