Random figures for Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deep

One of the great things I love about both Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep is that they miniatures range agnostic.

I picked up an a characterful Thief from Otherworld miniatures, I already had an Avaran Treebeast from Mantic Games’ Dreadball Xtreme kickstarter which will serve fine as Violent Fungus for Frostgrave or Darkroot for Rangers of Shadow Deep and then I managed to pick up a couple of random 2nd hand GW LotR Rohan from my friendly local game shop to act as companions for Rangers of Shadow Deep and finally the Oathsworn Toad Wizard which works unsurprising as a Frostgrave Wizard or to indicate a figure has been cursed.

Most of these pretty simple miniatures compared to modern GW fair – simple assembly and no overly fussy detail so they are quick to basecoat, wash and drybrush – a welcome break from trying to grind out painting a big army or boxed game project.

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