Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 3

My Hobby Karma continues to be on a positive trajectory for the my third month in a row!

So how did I do for March?

Painted (+20)
Beyond the Gates of Antares:

  • 7 x Ghar Outcasts
  • 2 x Ghar Pilots
  • 6 x Boromite Lavamites

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower:

  • Mistweaver Saih
  • Tenebrael Shard
  • Excelsior Warpriest

Random figures to use for Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deep:

  • 1 x Otherworld Thief
  • 2 x Rohan
  • 1 x Oathsworn Toad Wizard
  • 1 x Avaran Treebeast

I’m pretty happy with my painting progress. The BtGoA figures needed to get finished for the Interface Wars Event this weekend, it is nice to *finally* finish of Silver Tower after slowly chipping away on it for years. The random collection of figures for FG/RoSD were a nice change of pace as they were simpler in style and I’m still planning on doing some more RoSD in the next few months.

Traded in/Sold (+16)

  • 15 x Orks
  • 1 x 30k Ahriman

The Orks were from Shadow Wars Armageddon boxed set which I purchased mainly for the terrain and with the hope that GW would focus on more skirmish style games. Ironically, I thought it would be great for 40k Killteam and Necromunda and I while I assembled the terrain, I still haven’t got around to painting it or used it in any game. Even more ironically there has been a complete GW reboot of both Killteam and Necromunda over the last two years while this has sat on my hobby pile. This us yet another example of where my hobby ambitions and purchases have been outstripped by GW’s frenetic release cycle. I was never going to do anything with the Orks so time for them to go so I traded them in towards some credit at my friendly local gaming store.

When I bought the 30k Burning of Prospero boxed set, I was much more ruthless than I have been with other purchases: I had no immediate interest in the Sisters of Silence or Custodes so I immediately traded those with another Heresy player for more basic Mark III Marines for my Iron Warriors force. I held out the notion that I might do something with the Ahriman at some point (perhaps a small Thousand Sons Zone Mortalis 30k force), but the Prospero Space Wolf character I really disliked and so immediately swapped that for a spare Ahriman in case I wanted to cut one up for kitbashing. That never happened in the end and so I ended up with two. Time to face up to the fact it is unlikely I will do anything with the first one and so I sold the spare!

Given Away(+30)
I have various left over random figures from Mantics’s Dreadone & Warpath kickstarters. They don’t tend to hold resell value so I simply donated them to my club’s bits box.


  • Ghar Fartok out of battlesuit
  • Shadowspear boxed set (x16 Chaos; x19 Primaris Space Marines)

The limited edition Fartok came with the launch edition of Beyond the Gates of Antares and I picked one up as I do fancy continuing to expand my Ghar forces – it wouldn’t take much to pivot the Ghar Empire/Exile force to be usable as a Ghar Rebel force with just a few more units. Antares is as close as I have come to being my semi-regular go to club game and I usually manage to squeeze in 1-2 games per month.

Shadowspear on the otherhand is a pure hobby purchase – I simply love the GW Chaos Space Marine (now ‘Heretic Astartes’) line, but many of the sculpts are definitely showing their age and are in dire need of a refresh. The Dark Vengeance Chosen and plastic Raptors gave a hint of the refresh which is now coming to the fore with Shadowspear. The Primaris hold no interest for me so I’m going to immediately aim to sell or trade them off in April.

Net hobby karma as of the end of March is therefore a healthy +33 for the month and year to date is +112 – let’s see if I can maintain this into April. There are more GW Chaos Space releases and I am sure when I get to the Antares Day event there might be a few offers to tempt me. Salute in April will be a significant challenge! If I am sensible I need to go back and look through to see what I purchased in previous years and have left languishing at the bottom of my hobby cupboard.

I have definitely got rid of all the low hanging fruit in terms of selling & giving away stuff that I was never going to do things with: sorting through the rest of my hobby pile will force me to make some harder decisions now.

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