Beyond the Gates of Antares: Counting down to Interface Wars Part 3

Another quick 750pt practice game using the ‘Intersection Exploration’ scenario from the Antares Interface Wars pack: two forces come into contact while exploring an ancient space cruiser, hunting for the Dronescourge Virai.

This is a very quirky scenario which starts off with a corridor tile laying minigame to determine the map and starting position of the forces in relation to a contested central intersection with both forces are trying to control.

We improvised and just printed our some paper corridors & rooms, but I’d love to try again with some slightly more photogenic terrain. I am interested in getting some more 3d sci-fi themed tiles for playing these kind of games. The best option I have found so far are from DMB Games which I am planning on taking a look at during Salute next month (

Ghar Exiles vs Isorians

Ghar Exiles vs Isorians

Ghar Exiles vs Isorians

Ghar Exiles vs Isorians

Ghar Exiles vs Isorians

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