Maintaining Positive Hobby Karma – Part 2

My Hobby Karma continues to be on a positive trajectory for this month!

So how did I do for February?

Virai –
2 x Weapon Drones
6 x Probes
2 x Constructors
7 x Defenders
1 x Secondary Instance
1 x First Instance

Ghar Empire/Exiles –
3 x Ghar Crawlers

I’m really happy with my painting efforts this month, I have the start of a small Virai army for Beyond the Gates of Antares finished and so I’m going to try and give it a spin by playing some games with it in March or April before expanding further. It is predominantly metal and in many cases with relatively fragile flight stands and so I really do need a solid transport solution before taking out to play with. The Ghar were all big vehicles which capped off my current army.

Given away (+25):
5 x Fleshtearers Space Marine tactical squad
1 x Necromancer (Warlords of Erehwon)
8 x Mantic Warpath Vermyn + left overbits
11 x Misc Mantic Deadzone/Dreadball characters

A small clearing away of the pile of shame. I’ve given up with doing anything further with my Fleshtearers – they were originally conceived as a 5th Edition 40k all jump troop force. I played with them in a few Apocalypse games as support for my Imperial Guard and they were a fun, if throw away suicide unit. My interest wained with them as they were not longer a valid force due to 6th/7th Edition codex changes. I started to kitbash a tactical squad with a view to rounding the force out to make it ‘legal’ but then parked it as I really couldn’t get enthusiastic about how it would play. The Necromancer was a freebie from my Erehwon pre-order and since I already have painted GW and Mantic Necromancers, I don’t feel a need to paint another one when the sculpt doesn’t really grab me. The Mantic Vermyn were from the Deadzone Infestation kickstarter – with these I have to admit some guilt as I do enjoy how Deadzone plays and I would like to play more in future. However, at the moment I have to admit I already have a couple of small forces painted for Deadzone and I don’t feel like painting any more – the figures are very poor compared with modern GW offerings. After years of neglecting the skirmish market, GW is now killing it with Necromunda and Killteam which have better figures, are much better supported than and have larger player bases than Deadzone and so most of the appeal of it has greatly deteriorated. I’m still fond of the modular terrain, but that will mostly be repurposed for use in Gates of Antares or 30k/40k.

Sold (+34):
1 x Star Wars Imperial Assault boxed set (34 figs)
I’ve played through a campaign of Imperial Assault and have no especial desire to return. It mostly felt like a cleaned up version of Descent – not really enough of a Star Wars vibe to hook me. There is a variant skirmish wargame mode, but it never appealed to me to try that out. If you want a Star Wars wargaming fix then X-Wing, Armada and Legion are probably more flavourful and better supported. Again GW is now eating into this territory with releases like Blackstone Fortress.

Bought (-18):
8 x Lavamites & handlers
8 x Outcast squad
2 x Ghar Pilots

Small purchases specifically to finish off the 1250pt list I will be taking to the Antares Day gaming event end of March – will have to get these painted next month.

Hobby Karma Feb 2019

Net hobby karma as of beginning Feb is therefore a healthy +79 – let’s see if I can maintain this into March as I feel that GW will make it a trying month given the quality of the new Black Legion previews!

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