Beyond the Gates of Antares: Counting down to Interface Wars

So I’ve booked a ticket to Warlord Games’ Interface Wars Event for Beyond the Gates of Antares on the 30th next Month. This will be my first gaming event for the year and my first time doing an Antares event.

In preparation, I decided to do a tester 1250pt game with my current draft list of Ghar Exiles since 1000pts is the largest game I have played to date. Finally this was a good excuse to get out my new Ghar Command Crawler for its first outing.

Ghar Exiles are a variant army list that was releases as part of the Dronescourge campaign supplement – essentially they represent a half-way house between the Ghar Empire and the Ghar Rebels. The Ghar Empire lists tend to focus on being elite/low model count, battlesuit heavy infantry, whereas the Ghar Rebels are more of a horde light infantry force.

My opponent didn’t have a full 1250pt force and so he mixed & matched an allied force of Algoryn & Boromites.

Comically enough my opponent managed to fail all 3 of the first batch of resistance rolls by rolling three tens. Fast forward to the end of the game on turn 5 and essentially I lost by rolling exactly the same result – a suitably improbable and dramatic ending!

As is traditional with new model syndrome, the Ghar Command Crawler acted as a bullet magnet and got pinned into oblivion and so didn’t do much beyond the first two turns. Lessons learnt for the event – don’t leave your Command Crawler unsupported 😉

Ghar Exile Command Crawler is pinned down from Algoryn & Boromite attacks

I think I slightly prefer the force mix that the Ghar Exile list encourages over the classic Ghar Empire. The primary change is that rather than having to field large dedicated squads of shooting or assault battlesuits, instead you can field more smaller ‘mixed squads’.

1250pts took around 2.5hrs including set-up & tear down which is probably slightly too long for a quick ‘school night’ game. I think for quick casual games, 750-1000pts is probably a better fit – with this in mind I’m more likely to buy a few more small Antares forces rather than bulking out my Ghar much more.

Antares remains my favourite go to 28mm sci-fi squad level game, but the new GW Black Legion Chaos Space Marine/Heretic Astares previews are looking very tempting . . .

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