Beyond the Gates of Antares: Virai Dronescourge part 2 – Starter force and First Instance

Having decide on my colour scheme I have now been feverishly painting up a starter Virai force for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Virai First Instance
The founding drone of the hive, the First Instance is both larger and more formidable looking. It isn’t strictly a ‘character’ but it is unique in so far you can only have one per force. It does clock in at a fairly chunky 209pts and so I probably won’t get much chance to use it until I play some larger games, so definitely a ‘I wanted to paint it’ pick rather than a sensible core to a starting force. The main body is resin and the arms legs and guns are all in metal so this is a very solid feeling model, but at least it as a good centre of gravity and is very stable.

Dronescourge Virai First Instance

Dronescourge Virai First Instance

Dronescourge Virai First Instance

Virai Secondary Instance
The smaller cousin of the First Instance – a mid-ranking command unit which I imagine will be a solid choice in all sizes of game. Pure metal, so not really much scope to customise beyond slightly bending the ‘leg’/tendrils and repositioning of the arms if I buy some more. Again, as it is all metal it is also fairly stable.

Dronescourge Virai Secondary Instance

Virai Weapon Drones
I really LOVE the sleek look of these Weapon Drones, but I HATE that they are all metal. They are so top heavy that I fully expect the plastic stems to snap from only a light nudge. I’m note sure why they weren’t a hybrid resin-metal kit a bit more like the First Instance – possibly that was tried by was too unbalanced. I have added several metal pennies into the base to help stability, but I am pretty sure as soon as I start to play with these I will end up with a broken stem and will have to drill out & attach to metal rod or something – aggh!

Dronescourge Virai Weapon Drones

Dronescourge Virai Weapon Drones

My current starter force
So this is what I currently have completed – essentially the above stuff, a unit of STAA Probes, a Constructor drone squad and enough Defender drones for a squad plus some ‘bodyguards’ for my First instance:

Dronescourge Virai Weapon Drones

I haven’t bothered to point this up as a proper army list just yet, but it will probably tally up to something like 500-750pts so fine for a smallish learner game. Stupidly in putting together the pic of my starter force, I have realised that I am technically 1 Constructor Drone short of the minimum squad size – doh! This is the danger of just picking up figures ad hoc based on whim rather than buying a sensible starter force in one go.

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5 Responses to Beyond the Gates of Antares: Virai Dronescourge part 2 – Starter force and First Instance

  1. Ann says:

    I really like the metallics you used. They remind me of the colors you see when you look at a horsefly close up with a magnifying glass. If you don’t mind my asking, did you use a specific brand of paint did you use?

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