Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance – Horus Heresy Narrative Event Write-up

Earlier in October I attended the Geno Five Two podcast’s narrative Horus Heresy Event: Tarsiss 4 – Vengeance @ Incom Gaming.

A simple one day event this time – two x 4,000pt games clashing over the ashen remains of the Tarsiss 4 to determine whether the sector is finally claimed by the Emperor’s Loyalists or Horus’ Traitor Legions. This is what my 4,000pt Dark Mechanicum Cyclothrathian / House Atrax Knight force looked like:

Pretty much the same force I have been working on and playing over the last year with the addition of some Armiger Warglaives (as a narrative event the hobbyist/community rules for these were allowed – still waiting on Forgeworld for the official rules).

I had a great time yet again against two awesome opponents despite losing badly – this seems to be a theme when playing against Custodes!

In the final result the Traitors lost and so the Loyalists were able to claim a pyrrhic victory. The Geno have decided that this is the final conflict in the Tarsiss series and so new events in 2019 will follow a different story thread. It will be interesting to see how then evolve the format and organisation of their events as seems to hit that magic sweet spot for me in terms of locality, size, narrative and quality of hobby.

Here is a quick photodump from my games:

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