Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 6

I picked up a few more cheap Ghar Battlesuits and Bombers during a recent Warlord Games warhouse sale simply because I find them so quick and fun to paint up – all base colours, washes and sponging gets most of the work done and then just the glowing power sources to pick out as details. Minimum effort to get maximum hobby impact 🙂

I managed to trade for some left over 40k Necron Wraith bits so that I could do some head swaps and make some distinctive looking leaders:
Ghar Battle Suits

Ghar Battle Suit Bombers

I actually have a reasonable sized force now which ticks the box of covering all of the basic tactical choice options:
Ghar Empire Army

I try to be ‘good’ and build/paint up a reasonable number of core units when collecting a new army and make sure I have a coherent force before then picking out some of the more exciting support & elite prestige units – I find this is a big help to staying motivated. When I have finished up with Silver Tower and some of my languishing terrain projects then I think I’ll definitely pick up some of the larger Ghar Vehicles like the Command Crawler.

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