Dark Mechanicum Part 13 – House Atrax Armiger Warglaives

I have been on something of a hobby hiatus this month: spending summer on holiday with the family has a way of denting geek productivity, but now I’m back into a regular work and hobby routine. I bought a couple of Armiger Warglaives on the speculative hope that Forgeworld would release official Horus Heresy rules for them soon and while that still hasn’t happened, there is a community ruleset floating around and the next (and final) episode of the Geno Five Two Podcast’s Tarsiss 4 event in October is allowing them to be used.
House Atrax Armiger Warglaive

These are really nice kits to put together, sized between a Space Marine Dreadnought and Imperial Knight Titan. There aren’t too many options beyond deciding if you want to go with the turret mounted meltagun or a heavy stubber – but sometimes I find that refreshing as I’m not then forced to procrastinate over the optimal load out or fiddle around with magnetisation.

I’ve stuck with my simple Red/Black/Bronze colour scheme for House Atrax which I have used for my full sized Imperial Knights previously – all of the base colours are done now, so just transfers and some weathering to add at some point.

My HATE Club gaming campaign commitments to Horus Heresy and Frostgrave are coming to an end now so I’m trying to decide what to focus on next. I do tend to find sticking to an ‘only play with painted figs’ attitude is a good way of pushing me to get things finished. At the moment I’m not sold on what to actually focus on: out of nostalgia I picked up the new Titanicus boxed game but it will take me a while to get around to assembling the Warlord Titans and given the limited load out of the box there will inevitably be some additional weapon sprues or Forgeworld resin upgrade kits before long so I might wait for that to come out before jumping into that project with both feet. Lots of people at HATE Club have picked up the set, but few seem to have anything assembled or painted yet so no need to rush this project.

I have very deliberately picked up only the Killteam rules (no figures) as I already have plenty of fully painted 30k/40k figures which can be used for it and it is probably a good size of game to play quickly on a Wednesday night at HATE Club. Other then that, I only have a handful of figures to finish my Silver Tower set which is another game I am keen to try out and I do want to return to playing some more Gates of Antares as that is probably still my favour squad level sci-fi game.

So much hobby & so little time!

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