Silver Tower Part 2 – The Gaunt Summoner

I have decided to stick with the more bold and outlandish colour schemes for the Silver Tower figures and you cannot get much weirder than the master of the Tower – the Gaunt Summoner:

The Silver Tower Gaunt Summoner

There is something quite unnerving about the aesthetic of the Summoner and I think GW have done a great job of giving the new Tzeentchian Age of Sigmar releases a really distinctive vibe. There is something I find very reminiscent of the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth – it just feels unsettling and creepy.

I decided to use a rainbow riot of colours for this guy, but this does all tie into the other figures in the Silver Tower set I have already done: the blue/purples/pinks are used in my Blue/Pink Horrors and the yellow/greens are on the Brimstone Horrors. It is quite a departure from my usual drab 30k/40k palettes which have tended to be much more subtle and focused on weather, but I am enjoying the change of style for now.

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