Frostgrave Terrain Part 2 – basic board

Given how terrain rich a good Frostgrave board needs to be and how many figures I need to paint, I didn’t want to invest too much time in building & painting large amounts of custom terrain so I decided to go with as many no paint/pre-painted terrain options as possible.

To that end I decided to pickup an ice themed 4’x4′ Frostgrave mat from Deep Cut Studios and the a set of the pre-painted Gothic Ruins terrain from (yes – I know it would probably have been cheaper to get both from, but I just preferred the look of the Deepcutstudio version. On top of that, I managed to find an old Rackham AT-43 Frostbrite giant ice crystal which doesn’t require any painting, my old statue objective markers that I make for my 30k chaos militia army could be repurposed and the oathsworn terrain that I recently painted:

Frostgrave Terrain

Frostgrave Terrain

Frostgrave Terrain

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