Silver Tower Part 1 – Grot Scuttlings, Necromancer & Banshee

After dutifully assembling all of the Silver Tower contents they have languished by my ‘must paint eventually’ pile since May 2016. Army projects have pushed back doing anything with them and then I haven’t psyched myself up to deciphering exactly how the game works.

Regardless, I’m cracking on with painting them now as I actually have a reason to – I’ll be repurposing all of the contents for my home Frostgrave mini-campaign. To start with, here is the least of the contents, the Grot Scuttlings:

Silver Tower Grot Scuttlings

ilver Tower Grot Scuttlings

These aren’t ‘bad’ figures – they are just very simple compared to some of the more prestige pieces in the set.

Nothing fancy here on the painting side of things – just base colours and bit of wash and now these should make fine warband thugs or archers for Frostgrave. The cobwebs look great with just a light grey dry brush.

You never know, one day I might actually get around to reading the Silver Tower rules.

Also here are my old Warhammer Fantasy Necromancer & Banshee which will become my Frostgrave Wizard & Apprentice as an upgrade from the Mantic Dungeon Saga ones I have been using:
Warhammer Fantasy Necromancer

Warhammer Fantasy Banshee

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