Iron Warriors Part 5 – Infantry done

With my larger projects like Horus Heresy armies, I have tried to stick to making sure that I paint up a good quantity of core troops & support infantry before getting carried away with special characters or prestigious high-end units like super-heavies. This means that I have a solid core that I can play a legal army for small points games (like Zone Mortalis and the Centurion community formats) and also this ‘cake before the icing’ approach does keep me motivated to finishing the army – I have to have done the hard slog bit up front before moving onto the fun toys!

Horus Heresy Iron Warriors IV Legion

Horus Heresy Iron Warriors IV Legion

Horus Heresy Iron Warriors IV Legion

Appropriately enough I am now at end of this foundation stage with my Iron Warriors – I easily have enough to now field around 1,500-2,000pts of infantry and so the addition of a couple of Forgeworld tanks now will comfortably round out this force! The next Horus Heresy Narrative event I am planning on attending will be another instalment of the Tarssis storyline run by the Geno Five Two podcast.

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