Frostgrave Terrain Part 1 – Oathsworn Arcane Circle

I’m planning on running a Frostgrave narrative event for some of my old school Warhammer Fantasy Wargame/RPG buddies later in the year and since most of my boards & terrain are distinctly Sci-Fi or GrimDark 40k themed, I will need to buy & build a fair amount of new stuff.

There isn’t an official set of terrain produced for Frostgrave and so the first piece I have picked out to repurpose is this Arcane Circle Set from Oathsworn miniatures:
Oathsworn Arcane Circle Set

Oathsworn Arcane Circle Set

Oathsworn Arcane Circle Set

Oathsworn Arcane Circle Set
It is a simple but effective piece – the topper can be swapped between three different themes so it can act as a centre focal point for games, but mixed up enough to add some variety.

I painted it with my simple quick paint colour scheme for stone: spray black undercoat; Skavenbligh Dinge wetbrush; edge in patchs of Dryad Bark and Castellen Green different areas to give the impression of mud and moss; drybrush Dawnstone Grey for the final highlight. If you want to give more definition then line in the cracks with Agrax Earthshade. I haven’t done any terrain for a while and it reminds

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